Metal Earth Huey UH-1 build video

Yesterday, I uploaded some content that isn't text! Hooray!

Head on over to the video section to see a build video I put together assembling a Metal Earth Huey UH-1 puzzle.

If you've never seen or played with these puzzles, they're a great way to waste some time and have something to put on display when you're finished. The Huey was my fourth Metal Earth puzzle build, the first three being a tarantula, the Space Shuttle Discovery, and the Graf Zeppelin, and each time I sit down with one of these, I'm always amazed at the simplicity of the puzzle and the level of detail the finished product has.

If you hop over to the YouTube page for the video, the description includes links to the puzzle and the tools used to make the build, so if you're interested in trying these out, you can get the tools to make it easier on yourself.